2016 Executive Committee

Br. Izhar Kazmi     President
Br. Tauqeer Zaidi     Vice-President
Br. Mohi Uddin Khan     Treasurer
Br. Mouad Lebeche     General Secretary
Br. Murad Shehadeh     Comptroller



Name Committee(s) Term Ends
Br. Mohi Uddin Khan By-Laws 2018
Dr. Badawi Dweik Audit & Public Relations 2018
Br Izhar Kazmi  Finance & Weekend Schools 2019
Br. Khalid Mahmood Building and Planning/Facility Management (Sharon) 2019
Br. Mouaad Lebeche Youth, ICNE/IANE Scholarship & Website & Fundraiser 2019
Br. Murad Shehadeh Community Relations (Quincy) & Interfaith (Quincy) 2017
Br. Amin Zama Zakat & Elections 2018
Br. Muhammed Inamulhaq Community Relations (Sharon) 2017
Br. Ahmed Berikaa Facilities/Building &  Planning  (Quincy) 2019
Imam Dr Khalid Nasr            Imam Abdul Rahman Religious – Quincy & Sharon
Br. Tauqeer Zaidi Interfaith (Sharon) & Hajj/Umrah 2018
Youth (Sharon) & Fundraising 2017
Dr Rashid Noor Membership &  Building & Planning (Sharon) 2017

Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members
Imam Khalid Nasr & Imam Abdul Rahman Ahmad——–for input in matters pertaining to religion.